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TC-GAC Mission Statement

The Government Affairs Committee is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting issues that promote economic vitality, with sensitivity and respect for the community and the environment. Our purpose is to advocate for regulations, plans and public policy that align with the Vision of TahoeChamber and the business community.


Tahoe Future 2020 Vision Piece Cover

TC-GAC Principles

We represent our members' interests to all levels of government, including monitoring, drafting and advocating for legislative issues:

  • Ensure that legislative decisions positively impact our members' businesses
  • Provide an economic climate that promotes business growth
  • Create coalitions with other organizations

Download the TahoeFuture 2020 Vision Document.   

In order to increase our effectiveness, the Board of Directors voted at their 2013 planning retreat to create a TahoeChamber Government Affairs Committee. The TC-GAC is comprised of Board and community members working on your behalf. 

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