Blue Ribbon Award Categories

Tourism Award

Sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

An innovative program, promotion or product for our visitors.

  • Provides unique consumer experiences that encourage new visitors and generates repeat visitors
  • Promotes collaboration with local partners
  • Contributes to the local economy (please use specific examples or quantifiable data)
  • Recognizes responsible and sustainable tourism practices and initiatives.
  • Supports the Tahoe South image

Entrepreneur Award

Sponsored by: Getaway Reno-Tahoe

An innovative individual who assumed the risk of starting a new business.
(Business must have been in existence for a minimum of 2 years)

  • The business creatively filled a need in our community
  • Exhibits resourcefulness and perseverance in overcoming challenges
  • Has potential for future investment
  • Has created jobs and has plans to create future jobs (please provide quantifiable data on number of jobs created including owner/operator)

Customer Service Award

Sponsored by Heavenly & Kirkwood Mountain Resorts 

An individual who consistently provides quality service.

  • Treats each customer, guest and peer with respect
  • Seeks opportunities to exceed expectations
  • Handles crisis and challenges with integrity

Public Agency Service Award

Sponsored by South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Services 

An individual that provides quality service in the not so usual places (Police, Fire, DMV, City, County, TRPA, etc.).

  • Treats each customer, guest and peer with respect
  • Seeks opportunities to exceed expectations
  • Handles crisis and challenges with integrity

Community Enrichment Award

A business, non-profit, or agency that has worked to improve the South Shore community.

  • Has made significant contributions to sustain and strengthen the local community
  • Promotes cultural diversity and programs that foster inclusivity
  • Responds to needs of the community through advocacy or long-term strategies
  • Demonstrates commitment to community through investment of resources, community dialogue, and partnerships.

New Business of the Year Award

A new business that has gained an increasingly positive reputation and who exhibits distinction.
(Business must have been in operation for less than three(3) years)

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Integrity

Excellence in Business Award

Sponsored by Marriott Grand Residence Club

A business that has made a substantial contributions to the overall good of business and the economic well-being of the community. (Business must be established and in operation for at least three (3) years)

  • Corporate stewardship
  • Operational excellence
  • Dedication to employees
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Philanthropy/ community involvement

Volunteer of the Year Award

Sponsored by MontBleu Resort, Casino & Spa

An individual dedicated to making a positive impact on the agency they serve and on the community at large.

  • Volunteers their time to improving the community through various contributions and community service
  • Considered to be mentor to others based upon their volunteer efforts
  • Demonstrates qualities of compassion, commitment to service, creativity, cooperation, or leadership.

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