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40 Under 40: Carlie Murphy

  Tahoe Chamber  |   October 27, 2021   |   40 Under 40Uncategorized

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“I hope the work I do helps to create more resilient forests and better prepared communities so future generations can enjoy a much more sustainable version of Tahoe. “

When she is not helping Lake Tahoe become a more bikeable community, Carlie works as the Forestry Education Grant Manager at Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC). She also oversees the development of a new forestry program at the college.


Congratulations to this week’s 40 under 40 honoree, Carlie Murphy!


Can you tell us a little about your responsibilities and accomplishments in your current position?

As the Forestry Education Grant Manager at Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC), I oversee the development of a new Forestry Program coming to LTCC in 2022. I began at LTCC in February 2021, and I feel immensely grateful each day knowing that I get to work in a field that has a direct positive impact on people and the environment. Before joining LTCC, I coordinated the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities at the Tahoe Resource Conservation District, where I educated our community and its visitors on preparing for wildfire. In both of these roles, I found a perfect nexus for working between people and the natural environments we inhabit. I hope the work I do helps to create more resilient forests and better prepared communities so future generations can enjoy a much more sustainable version of Tahoe.


What has been your favorite professional moment in the last year?

My favorite recent professional moment was co-leading the creation of the Wildfire Home Retrofit Guide and hosting virtual workshops for the public, contractors, and wildfire professionals to educate over 600 people about hardening homes against wildfire. The release of this guide was an immensely proud moment for me because it set the stage for home hardening education in Tahoe and beyond. With the help of this guide, people will know exactly what they need to do to protect themselves and their communities from wildfire in a way that will make a significant difference when a wildfire inevitably occurs. I look forward to my next favorite professional accomplishment being the successful launch of the new Forestry Program at LTCC!


Do you have a professional/life mantra that you try to live by?

As cliché as it is, Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” guides much of my life. Between climate change, social justice issues, and politics, the state of the world can be beyond overwhelming. Gandhi’s quote constantly reminds me that no matter how overwhelming things are, there is always something I can do to better the world. This is why I have chosen a career that directly impacts people and the environment. I hope that by helping to change this one sliver of the world in Tahoe, I will contribute to a positive change for the world as a whole. Cliché, I know.


Who is your role model?

From my loving husband, parents, and family who continuously encourage me to be the best version of myself, to my community and network of colleagues doing amazing work throughout the country to combat climate change. I deeply believe that each person I interact with can be a role model because we can all learn something from each other.


Why choose Tahoe to make your home and career?

The standard Tahoe local answer of “I came for the winter and stayed for the summer” could not be more true for my husband and I. We moved here right before the big winter of 2016/17 and quickly fell in love with the natural beauty of Tahoe and found a community of like-minded people. From biking to skiing, there really isn’t a better place to call home, and we are forever grateful for the opportunities moving here has provided us.


Are you active in any volunteer roles or community groups?

I volunteer as a Board Member of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition and enjoy volunteering for community cleanups and as part of my neighborhood Tahoe Blue Crew. As a Board Member of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition, I found a way to give back to my community by doing something I am very passionate about: biking! Active transportation really excites me, so being able to advocate for improved bike infrastructure and safety projects makes me feel better while out on the roads, and I hope others feel the same.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

When I am not working, I spend my time skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and hot springing throughout the Western U.S. with my super fun husband, Kelby. We live by the motto of “work hard, play hard” and when it’s time to “play hard,” we turn off work and get after that type 2 fun.


Where are your favorite South Shore stomping grounds?

I would tell you, but then you would tell your friends, and they would tell their friends…just kidding (kind of). My favorite South Shore spots are places I have to work really hard to mountain bike or backcountry ski to. No place in particular, pretty much any forested area with a grueling hill full of false summits will work.



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