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40 Under 40: Emily Barkley, RN BSN, Barton Health

  Tahoe Chamber  |   August 4, 2020   |   40 Under 40

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“I have never in 14 years of nursing seen anything like this pandemic; to provide help to our community is a gift.”

Emily Barkley is a Care Management/Population Health Nurse at Barton Health, where she devotes her time to specific populations in our community that need extra consideration. More recently, Emily has been fighting on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the questions and concerns of the community, and guiding patients’ medical journey during a time of great uncertainty.

Congratulations to this week’s 40 under 40 honoree, Emily Barkley!

Can you tell us a little about your responsibilities and accomplishments in your current position?

I started Care Management/Population Health Nursing at Barton almost 4 years ago. This branch of health-care focuses on specific populations in our community that need extra consideration; for example, those with high rates of depression, uncontrolled chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension and patients with multiple visits to the Emergency Department or admissions to the hospital. My panel consists of anywhere from 100-150 patients at a time. We work together to create health goals, develop behavior modification techniques including medication adherence and engage with their primary care providers. My goal is to graduate patients from this program, which means goals have been accomplished and they are in a better state of overall health! It’s been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had because the health benefits for the patients are generally over the long term.

I am board certified in health and wellness coaching, am certified in clinical health coaching and I am currently working on a diabetic educator certification. I work with an incredible team at Barton, together we close to achieving Patient Centered Medical Home certification (or PCMH); this means streamlining consistency and improving overall care for our community on many levels!

Most recently I have transferred half my time towards COVID work.

What has been your favorite professional moment in the last year?

In March I began working with our COVID 19 operation team. I lead an incredible health line triage team addressing people’s questions and concerns as well as guiding their medical journey during a time of great uncertainty. Just as the rest of the world; we had to ride an ever-changing wave of information and emotion. It’s very rewarding to help our community in some slight effort. I  am incredibly grateful to get to work with the hard working team whose innovation and adaptability led to the rapid development of new processes and pathways for patients to receive appropriate care. I have never in 14 years of nursing seen anything like this pandemic; to provide help to our community is a gift.

Do you have a professional/life mantra that you live by?

“The quickest way to happiness; learning to be selfless, ask more questions and talk about yourself less. Watch the sunset with best friends from a rooftop. Do yoga, find out ‘bout karma, find God but leave the dogma. Tell the truth regardless of the consequence. Give back to the community that raised you up, you put the work in,  don’t worry about the praise my love; don’t try and change the world; find something that you love, do it every day, do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world will change. ”  -Macklemore

Who is your role model?

My mom for her bottomless heart, my father for his wisdom and humor. My husband Beau for his unconditional love and being the rock of my family’s world. Ultimately, my biggest role models are my children; no one can inspire me to be a better person more than them. So blessed to call those little souls my own, they are my greatest achievements.

Why choose Tahoe to make your home and career?

The blue water I love to swim in, the gorgeous mountains I love to ski and hike on. Our community is pretty spectacular, from neighbors that are more like family to family that actually is family! I grew up here, Whittell Class of ’01! My kids see their grandparents often, I work for an incredible organization, frolic amongst best friends; couldn’t ask for more.

Are you active in any volunteer roles or community groups?

I started a Parkinson’s support group (held at Barton) a few years ago.  I work with quite a few of Parkinson’s patients in my Care Management role and wanted to provide a platform for discussion, support and community for this very isolating condition. I spent four years volunteering at Tahoe Parent’s Nursery School while my children were there, what a beautiful way to spend time with your children and provide community support! When school is in session I love to volunteer at The Environmental Magnet School or Tahoe Valley where my children are currently are attending school.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

In the winter I love skiing with my friends and family at Kirkwood or catching a quick tour with my husband up Waterhouse or Steven’s peak; boating, paddling, camping and hiking in the summer. Ultimately my favorite thing to do is be outside with my family, my best buds and our children underneath a Tahoe sunset with a glass of wine.

Ok fine; and I have a new fascination with baking sourdough goods and gardening since the pandemic :).

Where are your favorite South Shore stomping grounds?

You can’t beat waking up boat camping off Emerald Bay or Bliss. I love my weekly beach BBQ nights at Pope with family and friends. I’m a big fan of working out with the Barton Performance team or at The Bar studio.  Hiking Tahoe Mountain with my best friends early in the mornings.

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