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Let’s Turn Edgy into Positive

  Tahoe Chamber  |   April 21, 2020   |   Chamber NewsMonthly CEO Message

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Steve Teshara, Tahoe Chamber CEO

It’s understandable that people are getting edgy. It’s springtime at Tahoe, but we’re sheltering in place and many businesses and recreation sites are closed. For those still open, even partially, there are unfamiliar operating restrictions. It’s frustrating to confront a deadly virus that is unseen although its devastating impacts are in plain sight. In such times, there’s an unfortunate tendency to turn negative and look for somebody or something to blame.

Out of every challenge comes opportunity. We are proud of the many business owners and our employee community, including those currently out of work, who have turned uncertainty and stress into positive actions. We commend all of you who have stepped forward to volunteer and contribute to help and support one another in business and in life. This is an essential response as we navigate our way back from adversity, as our community has done before.

It’s empowering to turn edgy into positive. And it’s consistent with the spirit of renewal that comes with spring. Let’s persevere. We are proud to do our part as the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce.

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