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Tahoe Works Virtual Job Fair FAQs

  Tahoe Chamber  |   April 16, 2019   |   Chamber NewsFeatured Events

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When is the Tahoe Works Virtual Job Fair?

Registration will open for job-seekers on April 22nd, and employers will then be able to access their virtual booth, upload company information, and enter available job positions and descriptions.

How much is it to register a virtual booth?

Registration is $50 for Tahoe Chamber members and $75 for non-members.

How will job-seekers learn about the virtual job fair?

We have a full marketing campaign utilizing digital, print and radio around the region. We are targeting Reno and Sacramento specifically for this job fair, as well as our typical local media avenues. We are also working with a PR company to pitch the concept to regional media outlets.

After a candidate registers and chooses to look at my company; what happens next?

Depending on the features you utilize within the platform they will see a list of all open positions, they can apply for jobs directly, they can set up a time to chat with one of your representatives, or they can just learn more about the company in general.

Does someone from my company have to be online at all times to answer the candidate?

No, you can set up time where you have a representative available to chat.  You can also set up times slots for private one on one chats if you have a candidate you are interested in speaking to.

Can we log out if we need to leave the office?     

You technically do not need to log in at all when the event is live unless you want to chat with attendees. Everything you upload will be done before the event happens.

How will the job fair work from start to end?

Guests log in while the event is live to see what jobs are offered and by who.  They can ask to chat with employers and apply for jobs that are open by uploading their resume and filling out applications. Employers can set up times to be available for guests to be able to ask questions. Before the event goes live you will upload all the information you want the guests to see, company profile, jobs open, application forms, etc.

How will the virtual job fair look?

Get a sneak peak on how the virtual job fair will look with this DEMO.

Have more questions? Email Emily Abernathy at emily@tahoechamber.org

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