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TahoeChamber represents CA and NV businesses on legislation, regulations and issues that affect their bottom line and ability to conduct business. We maintain relationships with elected officials on both sides of the state line at all levels of government and ensure that our CEO, Board or staff member are at all pertinent meetings to represent your interests.

TahoeChamber Advocates for Planning & Policy Improvements


Regional and Area Plan Updates:

On December 12, 2012 the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board (GB) voted to approve the long awaited Regional Plan. This plan is the blue print for restoration and a revitalized Tahoe Basin focusing on restoring lake clarity, improving air quality, and creating livable, walkable communities. These priorities and their potential outcomes are in alignment with the Tahoe Chamber mission and vision, hence why TahoeChamber board, staff and members got engaged in the process commencing with the 2006 – 2008 Pathways and Place Based planning process.

In 2009 TahoeChamber convened the Regional Plan Initiative (RPI) comprised of 40 stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The purpose of this group was to inform the policy makers of the linkages between the Regional Plan and the economy of the Tahoe Basin.  Investments were made to hire a diverse and highly qualified team of experts to do the scientific analysis. The results were presented to the TRPA GB in March 2011 and henceforth the foundational understanding was set. Click here for the RPI executive summary presented to the GB.

In 2011 understanding that our work was far from done TahoeChamber began yet another collaborative partnership; this time to provide the Basin’s citizens with concise and factual information related to the components of the draft Regional Plan through workshops, columns and presentations. In 2012 members of TahoeChamber began contributing additional financial resources to fund the launch and upkeep of  The website and our efforts were intended to engage everyday citizens in a dialogue and venue they rarely enter. We were responsible for more than 125 citizens speaking up at TRPA GB meetings in addition to the dozens who submitted their comments in writing. This wide spread participation was unprecedented and the Board of Tahoe Chamber is proud of its proactive stance and actions that contributed to the passage of the Regional Plan.



We are all too familiar with the dilemma of plans and reports that do little to actually move a community forward. Thus, TahoeChamber continues to stay engaged in necessary steps towards revitalizing our local economy and communities. The board and membership have committed to continuing to fund our outreach efforts as our local communities work through their own planning processes. In June of 2013 the  City of SLT and Douglas County’s Stateline Tourism Core Area Plans will come in front of their respective Planning Commissions, Councils and finally to the TRPA GB. These plans and those that will closely follow set the vision for our communities and this is why TahoeChamber will continue to lead with its collaborative outreach methodologies on behalf of its membership and the greater community. For information on community workshops click here.