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Tahoe Chamber Announces Douglas County Election Endorsements

  Tahoe Chamber  |   October 15, 2020   |   Chamber NewsGovernment Affairs

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The Board of Directors of Tahoe Chamber has announced four key endorsements for choices on the November 3 Douglas County, NV general election ballot.

Charles Holt – Douglas County Commission District 3

Tahoe Chamber representatives have met with Charles Holt on several occasions. He is, as he describes himself, caring, honest and independent. His candidacy has provided people of all political perspectives a chance to vote for District 3 Commissioner in the General Election. Like many others, we are tired of the disenfranchisement that occurs when only those registered as Republicans can vote for commissioners in a primary election and no general election opportunity is provided. Candidate Holt has helped to break that trend. He has and will continue to study the issues and make decisions based on common sense and civility, not by reading off a playbook given to him by others. He’s lived in Douglas County three times as long as his opponent. As a retired math teacher, he knows numbers and will be adept at working on County budgets. As a long-time small business owner, he understands the importance of a viable business community. We truly value and appreciate the energy and outreach Mr. Holt is putting into his campaign.

YES on County Question 1 – Retain Redevelopment Area # 2 in Stateline

Tahoe Chamber supports a YES vote to maintain Douglas County Redevelopment Area # 2 in Stateline. The Douglas County Commission has already approved a Tax Increment Pledge Agreement with the Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority (TDVA) as one of the multiple financing mechanisms TDVA has to support construction of the Tahoe South Events Center. The TDVA will issue all debt for the Events Center, ensure its construction and operation, and is solely responsible for the repayment of debt issued for the project. Work to prepare the Events Center site is already underway. This exciting public amenity is just one phase of the revitalization of Stateline, a true public-private partnership. A YES vote maintains RDA#2 as the best investment strategy to generate increased Douglas County revenues and is what’s best for all of the County.

YES on County Question 3 – 1/4 cent Sales & Use Tax Increase to Fund Open Space

Douglas County residents and visitors appreciate the County’s scenic beauty, open space, and rural character. A YES vote will advise the Board of County Commissioners to increase the County’s local sales and use tax by one quarter of one percent, which equates to 25 cents on each $100 spent on qualifying purchases, to fund the County Open Space Program. Support for this advisory ballot measure will facilitate the purchase of conservation easements on property that might otherwise no longer be preserved for open space and agricultural uses.

Lawrence “Larry” Sidney for Douglas County School Board – District 3 (Tahoe Seat)

Following a review of the interview conducted with each of the two candidates by the Lake Schools Advisory Committee, the Chamber’s endorsement goes to Larry Sidney. He is the father of two young children. The Chamber believes his background in business, MBA degree, and 15 years as a teacher makes him uniquely qualified to serve on the County School Board. In his interview, Sidney said, “Everything starts with meeting the needs of the students and if the administration is wholly focused on supporting the teachers and school staff in achieving this, then the entire district thrives.” Sidney has attended more than half a dozen school board meetings over the past year to bring himself up to speed on District issues.


Please exercise your right to vote in this important general election.

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