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New Member Spotlight: Zambelli Fireworks

  Tahoe Chamber  |   November 19, 2019   |   Member Spotlight

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“I want to be able to look my neighbors in the eye and say that I have done best to keep our lake and shores as clean and green as I possibly can.”

When Zambelli Fireworks lights up the sky during the Lights at the Lake 4th of July firework show, their focus is first and foremost on protecting the environment. Since taking over this famous firework show from a previous vendor, Zambelli Fireworks immediately implemented new environmental protocols to protect the lake, including using products with more enviornmentally responsible chemical components, using biodegradable papers and fillers, and sending boats and local divers into the water to collect any possible debris following the display.

Welcome to our Tahoe Chamber community, Zambelli Fireworks! Learn more about them below in the Q&A with the West Coast Senior Representative, John Hagan.

What type of business do you represent and how long have you been in business?

Zambelli has been in business in the United Sates since 1893 (126 years) prior to that we were producing fireworks and displays in Italy.

Tell us more about what products and services your business offers. Is there anything people might not be aware you offer?

Zambelli produces firework displays throughout the country and around the world. We have produced displays ranging from major sporting events, Presidential inaugurations, Papal visits, celebrity weddings, television commercials and even the Statue of Liberty renovation celebration. In addition to Zambelli’s high profile catalog of work, we also produce thousands of more intimate celebrations such as private weddings, birthdays, gender revels and even funerals that include launching the deceased’s ashes on a final flight of fancy. Customers also include high school and college graduations, homecoming firework displays, corporate events and stage and theater effects.

You might be surprised to find that Zambelli works with several different religious institutions to provide pyrotechnics for various services and observations such as Hindu Diwali. Various cultural events such as Chinese New Year or the Mexican El Grito include Zambelli Fireworks in their celebrations. If there is an event to be remembered, odds are Zambelli fireworks was there.

Tell us about any current/upcoming events, promotions, or unique deals happening at your organization.

While most people think of fireworks only at 4th of July, the winter holiday season keeps Zambelli busy. We have upcoming productions ranging from holiday tree light up events, boat parades in several cities, and of course New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Why did you choose to join the Tahoe Chamber?

Zambelli became involved in the Tahoe area firework productions over the course of the last several years. Donner Lake was one of the first customers in the area that Zambelli worked with. Since that time we have moved on to produce many of the firework displays taking place around the lake including the legendary South Shore Lights on the Lake production.  We have met several members of our business community in Tahoe and found their spirit and willingness to work together to be exceptionally positive. It was only a natural decision to move forward and join with the Tahoe Chamber and community that has made our business here so successful.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us to be featured in the Member Spotlight?

Zambelli is not only a member of the Chamber, we strive to be an asset to the community as a whole. I am also fortunate enough to call the South Shore my home. As the West Coast Senior representative for Zambelli, I am tasked with covering operations in several states. I could have chosen any place in the West to lay down roots, but I chose Tahoe. I started coming here for business meetings regarding our firework productions and I found myself trying to schedule as many meetings in the area as I possibly could. It just never seemed to be enough time. I bought a house here a few years ago and never looked back.

When we produce a fireworks display here in Tahoe I want to be able to look my neighbors in the eye and say that I have done best to keep our lake and shores as clean and green as I possibly can. When Zambelli took over the South Shore fireworks from a former vendor, we implemented new environmental protocols to address ongoing problems. These included using products that contain more environmentally responsible chemical components such as non-perchlorates. We go to extensive lengths to ensure we are not putting plastic in or on or firework products. Our production methods utilize product constructed from easily biodegradable papers and natural fillers such as beans and rice. We also work with local marine contractors to place multiple boats and crews in the water to physically remove any paper debris that might fall in the water during a display. This is followed with local divers that document the lake floor and collect anything that might have been missed the top side clean up.  Our partners in this environmental remediation include the Tahoe Douglas Fire Department and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. We have been working together over the last few years to fine tune the cleanup and prevention side of firework productions on the lake.

I am your neighbor. You have my word that Zambelli and myself will do our best to ensure safe, clean and environmentally proactive firework displays in the Tahoe basin.

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