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New Member Spotlight: Tahoe Heartbeat

  Tahoe Chamber  |   January 29, 2019   |   Community NewsMember Spotlight

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Owner and creator Parker Alexander, has been designing clothes and hats since childhood. Parker has always loved fashion and style, and in his early teens, he started crocheting beanies for the cold winters in Tahoe. He would also draw custom freehand designs on trucker hats, to wear during the warm summer months. Parker never stopped drawing on hats, this is where it all began. After 15 years of drawing, sewing, and designing, Tahoe Heartbeat was born.

Learn more about Tahoe Heartbeat in their Q&A;

What type of business do you represent and how long have you been in business?

We are a hat a clothing brand expressing our love and passion for Lake Tahoe. Asking the question: “what makes your heart beat?” Now we’re spreading the Tahoe love, one heartbeat at a time!

We are in our second year of business.

Tell us more about what products and services your business offers. Is there anything people may not be aware you offer?

We currently have over 200 hats, we also have beanies, hoodies, flannels, long sleeves, t shirts, tank tops, and stickers. We are working on many other products including: round towels, sunglasses, leggings, water bottles, mugs, etc…Tell us about any current/upcoming events, promotions, or unique deals happening at your organization.

We vend at events several days a week May through the end of the year. As for now, are spending the winter months building our wholesale clientele, as our primary goal is to sell our products through retailers in the area. We are also inviting co-branding opportunities. We have worked with McPs,  Sierra at Tahoe, Riva Grill, Pick 6, Tahoe Bleu Wave, Xhale, Tahoe CrossFit, and more! Let’s chat!

Why did you choose to join the Tahoe Chamber?

We are a Tahoe brand, we love Tahoe with everything we’ve got. We are proud to join the Tahoe Chamber to help grow our business, and to do our part in giving back to the Tahoe community.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us to be featured in the Member Spotlight?

Tahoe Heartbeat was born out of passion. The heartbeat logo represents our passion and love for Lake Tahoe. Now you can express your love and passion for Tahoe too! But it doesn’t end there…

We are now trademarking over a hundred more designs, using the same EKG reading, and swapping the lake with other items and objects, as we are building “The Heartbeat Brand.” Anything you are passionate about, we have a logo for. We have a logo for skiing, snowboarding, biking, paddle boarding, every state, every sport, flags, etc.. you get the idea… All while keeping Tahoe Heartbeat as our flagship brand, and the home base of our company.

Around here, we like to say: “The best is yet to come!”

Visit their website to learn more:

Tahoe Heartbeat


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