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Marcia Sarosik’s Legacy | Women’s History Month

  Tahoe Chamber  |   March 31, 2023   |   Community News

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For over 39 years, Marcia Sarosik spread dance and love in Tahoe, teaching over 5,000 students and touching the hearts of thousands more in the community. She created Lake Tahoe’s Shining Stars non-profit in 2006 in hopes of helping students who were not able to afford dance classes. Many of her students paid very little to receive instruction. She also started an after school program at Bijou Community School, the Bijou Ballet Club, which helped students who would otherwise not be able to attend classes have a chance to participate at school.

Marcia was a leader in our community, bringing with her an infectious energy and positive influence. She was dedicated to the education of children of all ages and her mission was simple: to spread love and joy to everyone through dance.

She was also very proud of her Polish heritage, often going by “Ciotka” meaning Aunt.

She was a mentor, mom, friend and she is missed dearly.

Tahoe Chamber dedicates Women’s History Month to Miss Marcia, as a Chamber member for over three decades, and as an integral part of our community forever.

Thank you for shining your light in Tahoe!




Special thanks to Ashley Smith, The Studio, for helping us recognize Miss Marcia.

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